Monday, January 23, 2017


Dearest Family and Friends,
Happy Monday!!!!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week!!
I have a million and five things to tell you all, as usual, so bear with me! :)
This week began with a lovely exchange in a beautiful city right by the sea with two of our favourite people - Gdańsk! It was a lot of fun, and I always come back from exchanges having learned so much from our leaders. It's incredible. We did some fun finding activities there, and were able to talk to so many people! Sister Larsen has been doing amazing lately with really putting herself out there and trying to talk to everyone. :) She's been pushing her Polish skills and trying to talk to people without me by her side, and I can tell you all... She is doing wonderfully!! She had a little miracle while we were talking to people on the streets, and met the sweetest girl named Monika. It was such an awesome experience to be able to look over and see Sister Larsen and Monika just laughing and hugging and just really bonding, and I couldn't help but think, "I'm so proud of her!!" I wish you all could've witnessed the way she touched Monika's heart as she bore testimony to her of the things we believe. She is amazing! Her Polish and her self-confidence are growing more and more every single day, and I am so proud of her! I tell her all the time, but I really hope she can see the good she is doing, and the hearts she is touching!
Gdańsk was just so much fun though :) I loved it, and am so grateful for inspired leaders that help me realize how I can become a better missionary, and disciple of Christ.

In other news, we were able to have so many wonderful meetings with our friends here in Bydgoszcz this week. :)
We met with my lovely Ewa, and it was incredible! We invited her over to our seniour couple's apartment for dinner, and when she got there... She walked in with a cake!! We were all a little confused and then she just threw her hands up with a really big smile and said, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! :)" I felt sooo awful that I hadn't even known!! She got a good talkin' to for not telling us though! ;) She brought US a cake for HER birthday. That lady... She is just too sweet for her own good! :) But it was just an amazing night! We all had dinner and cake together, of course accompanied by the classic singing of "Happy Birthday" in Polish and English, then were able to have the most amazing talk with her about the gospel. She opened up so much to us, and told us, "This seed of faith you talk about... It has been planted in me. And with everything you say, I can feel it grow." I love that... Ewa has told us so many times that she knows of a surety that if she prays about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, that God will answer her prayer. But she is afraid to pray, because whatever the answer, she knows the Lord will expect her to act on it. 
Ewa is a woman of GREAT faith. She has such an incredible testimony of Christ and His gospel, and I feel so blessed to have her example in my life. I pray for her every day, and have no doubt that the Lord is so mindful of her. She knows that whatever answer she receives could bring major changes to her life, but it has been wonderful to see her start to truly realize that even though changes may come - whatever they may be, they will be in the end wonderful. The Lord will never lead us to anything but true and everlasting joy. After all, our happiness is His biggest desire! And I have such a testimony of that. :) If we trust in the Lord in all we do, we will never have reason to worry. His guiding hand is constant, no matter where in life we find ourselves.
Okay - one more miracle... Real quick!
This week Sister Larsen and I were able to meet with two gentlemen that have been coming to our English class, and they are absolutely amazing! Their names are Waldek and Olgert, and they are the sweetest old men on the planet. We were able to talk to them about the Restoration this week, and they were just soaking it all in like sponges! It was amazing, you guys. :) The whole time we spoke, they just nodded their heads and blurted out things like, "yes! That is true!" or "Wow! This is amazing!" and my heart just swelled. :) At the end of our meeting, both Olgert and Waldek told us that they had the biggest desire to follow Christ, and would prepare themselves to be baptised on February 4th. I thought my heart would burst from just the thought of those two wonderful men that we have grown to love being able to experience the indescribable joy that comes from following the footsteps of Christ, and being a part of His church. My joy was SO FULL! :) Oh, I just love them! I'm sure you all can imagine the smile that came on my face when as they were leaving I saw Waldek pat Olgert on the shoulder and say, "Yes!! Look at us!! We're getting baptised!!"    It was the sweetest thing. :) They are both just so excited, and their excitement is contagious!! 
Our Elder's here will continue to teach them from now on, but we all cannot wait for that wonderful day. :)
Ahhh so many other amazing miracles happened, but unfortunately I don't have time! 
I want to leave you all with a little thought from my sweet companion, because she sums up everything that I want to say so perfectly. :)

This gospel provides for us so much joy - for it is a gospel and a plan of JOY. It gives to us such a strong foundation - the perfect road map for life. The only thing I want more in my life is more and more of this gospel!!! My chest is light, my burdens not even felt, my heart is singing, and everyday I am skipping :) In whatever way it might be for you, let the personal message of the gospel of Jesus Christ take anchor in your heart, and trust God and that His plan for you is one of HAPPINESS :) - that is my challenge for you all this week."
I know that what Sister Larsen says is true, and I testify of the truthfulness and joyfulness of our Heavenly Father's plan with all I am. :)
I love you all, and wish you an amazing week!!
Z miłością, 
Siostra Kamp

The Elder's wanted to go to the soap museum last P-day, and we made our own soap!


Sister Larsen and I with Sister Butler and Sister Thornton!

Cute Ewa with her birthday cake! :)

Sister Tufts making a cute birthday cake for our lovely friend Kornelia's birthday!!

Road trip to deliver Kornelia's birthday cake with our favourite Elder and Sister Tufts!!

Happy Birthday, Kornelia!!  We love you so much!!

Waldek!!  Love this man!!

My lovely Ania! :)

The bathtubs from the Renaissance period!

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