Monday, January 11, 2016

Everytime I say my week can't get any better... I'm always wrong. :)

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow. My first real full week in the beautiful country of Poland!!!!!!! :D Can I just say, (because I don't think I tell you all enough...) I LOVE IT HERE!!!!! :)

I have so many experiences to tell you all from this past week that it is hard to keep track of them all in my head! So... I'm just going to go day by day and tell you about them :)

The 5th!
IT SNOWED!!!!!!!! Poland has been bitterly cold all winter, and we haven't even had snow here! But, on the 5th our prayers were answered, and the snow came!!! (And somehow, it got warmer!! It was only -26 degrees! How that happens... I don't know! But I am definitely not complaining! :) ) My district and I all went out tracting that night, which is when we go knock on doors and share messages with the people :) It was the best tracking day so far! We actually were able to give several lessons that day, and it felt so wonderful! Even though I am far from being helpful to my companion in those situations because my Polish is far from stellar! ha ha :) Anyway, it was wonderful to tract, and I could see the Lord's hand in my life so evidently that day.
The 6th!
The 6th was wonderful! We were able to meet with our recent convert, Anna, and her son who is the Elder's investiagtor, Adam! They are so wonderful! Anna was baptized before I got here, but we still meet with her :) The Elder's (Hon, Jourdan, and Einfeldt) came with us to teach, and we taught a little lesson on the New Year, New Years Resolutions, and how this gospel is a gospel of change. It was a wonderful lesson, and Anna really liked it :) I love the topic of change too. No matter how far we think we have gone, and how much we think we can't come back and undo what we have done... We can. The Saviour provided a way for us. There is no place so dark that the Light of Christ does not shine. :)
We also had English class that day, which was so much fun!! Two of our students, Olaf and Kate, are absolutely hilarious! It just made my day to talk to Polish people in a language I understood! ha ha :) But they are great!
Okay, I'm running out of time, so I'll just finish up the rest of the days really quickly. We were able to meet with a woman named Bejata, and her mother Marysia, and her little daughter Yasminka :) It was wonderful!! They are so sweet! Bejata made us Pierogi, and some kind of delicious soup, and then we talked with them about change, and examples of people who changed their hearts in the Book of Mormon. It was a wonderful lesson, and I actually spoke some Polish!!!!!! Marysia even complimented me on my Polish! It was such a tender mercy :) But the spirit was so strong in that lesson. We are going to meet with them again, and hopefully we can get them to start coming to church with us! :) Little Yazminka is just beginning to talk, and she is the cutest thing! She loves my long hair, and playing peek-a-boo, and she is just adorable. I love her!
I had a lot of firsts this week too! I ate my first Kebab (the most delicious burrito looking thing you will ever eat!!), I contacted my first stranger on the street! Just sooo much!! :)
I'm out of time, but I will email more next week! The Elder's are pulling on my leg about leaving, because we are going to a Trampoline House for Pday today!!! What!!!! Anyway, I love you all!!
Siostra Kamp

{no pictures this week}

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