Monday, February 1, 2016

I am God's Investigator.

Dear Friends and Family,

Another wonderful week in the best place ever! :) Have I mentioned how much I love Poland? Not today? Well... I LOVE POLAND SO MUCH!

This week was AMAZING. We met again with our recent convert Anna, and her son Adam, who is now investigating the church! It was a wonderful meeting, and we talked to them about enduring to the end. :) Personally, I absolutely love this subject. When we think about "enduring", we normally think of really negative words like "trials, hardships, uphill battles", things like that! But I love talking to people about what "enduring to the end" really means :) The Lord does not want our lives to be something we have to ENDURE. He loves us! He wants us to be happy! He has given us this gospel, the scriptures, our families, fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, popcorn... You know, SO MANY things that make life great! :) Life shouldn't be something we endure, it should be something we enjoy. :) It was such a good lesson! Adam's baptism is coming up so quickly, and he is just getting more and more excited as the days go on! I am SO excited for him!!!!

We also met with our cute friends Beata, Marysia, and little Yazminka this week! They are my faaaavourite!! I love them so much! Whenever I am with them, I feel like I am with family. I have a story for you all about them! This is definitely my biggest miracle for the week. :)​ So, Beata's husband works in Norway, so he is only able to come home to Poland for about 2 weeks every 4 or so months. We haven't met him yet, but Beata has told us that he is Muslim, and he is not fond of Mormon's. She has always been so scared to tell him about her interest in our church because of that. BUT! When we went over to visit her this week, she was just smiling from ear to ear, and told us that not only had her husband met Mormon missionaries in Norway... He had met with them twice, and had been going to church for two weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it was so wonderful to hear!!!!! Can you believe that? :) Siostra Johnston and I had been praying for a miracle for Beata. You can't tell me that that is not the biggest miracle, and complete answer to our prayers. :) We were also able to talk to her husband on the phone while we were there, and he said he will be coming home to visit later this week, and would love to meet with us so we can tell him more about the Book of Mormon! Oh my goodness, we were (and still are) ecstatic! :) (Special thank you to the amazing missionaries in Norway that helped answer the prayers of two sister missionary's in Poland that they don't even know exist. The Lord is so mindful of us. He has a plan for everything, and no matter what, it always works out. :) )

Also, Siostra Johnston and I were singing little lullaby's and primary songs to Yazminka to put her to sleep, and somehow us playing a musical number in Sacrament got brought up! So we told Beata that we would be playing in Sacrament meeting, and she turned to Marysia and said, "We must go!!" Siostra Johnston and I were in shock!! We had planned that night to invite her to come to church with us, but there we were just sitting there, and she invited herself!! And guess what? Beata, Marysia, and little Yazminka were in church yesterday for the first time!! :) I am completely overwhelmed with joy just thinking about it. :) They were my miracles this week. :) The Lord's hand was so present in our lives, as it always is.

I've really been thinking a lot this week about my investigators. It is hard to explain the love I have for them, because it's a different love than I have ever felt before... I imagine it's kind of like the way God loves us. Not exactly, because we can't even imagine that kind of love! But, I imagine it's similar. :) As a missionary, I have developed a love for my investigators that I can't even describe. You love them so much, that seeing them stop keeping their commitments, stop reading the Book of Mormon, stop praying... it devastates you. It really does. But no matter what, you love them, and you are there to help them get back on the right track when they need you. On the other hand... When you see your investigators reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, and just coming closer to Christ- your are overwhelmed with joy :) While I've been noticing that this week, I've realized that that is probably the way God feels about us. I imagine that He is devastated when we distance ourselves from Him. That must crush Him.. But, He loves us anyway, and He is always there for us, even when we don't see Him. Then on the other hand, when we bring ourselves closer to Him, He is probably overwhelmed with joy! :) I am God's investigator. We all are! These past few months have opened my eyes to the love of God so much. :)

I want you all to know that I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love this gospel, and I love the peace and happiness I see it bring. Not only to myself and my family, but also to the wonderful people I teach. I am so grateful for this gospel, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have every day to put on my little black tag, and testify of Jesus Christ. :) This gospel is true. Everything we believe in... It's true!

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for you all! Have an amazing week everyone! Do something this week to bring you closer to the Lord. I know that whenever you do, He looks down and smiles, because of the joy He feels :) And I can promise you that you will feel that same joy. :)

Siostra Kamp

A note from Mama Kamp:

Mondays are my favorite day, as I'm sure you all can guess why!  I love hearing all the stories Lexi tells us about her mission.  I love hearing all the answered prayers and people's lives changing for the better as they learn of their divine heritage and Savior!  But I must tell you something, I LOVE THE PICTURES!  Maybe it is the photographer in me, but pictures speak to my soul...I know that sounds cheesy!  But they do!  When I get an email without is hard for me to wait until the next Monday.  My heart hurts to see her.  BUT, last time that happened, I received a picture from the Mission Presidents wife of Lexi!  They had decided to take a train down and have lunch with her and her companion.  She took just one picture of them at lunch and sent it to me.  It was a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father!  So today, when she told me she didn't have any pictures she was able to send today, my heart kind of dropped!  I was again, a little sad, and was already counting down until next week when I would get pictures.  Then I saw a text on my phone from one of Lexi's friends, Garrett.  He told me to follow a link to see the MOST VIEWED IMAGES IN THE WORLD ON FLICKR!  So I clicked on the link:  click here and it took me to a picture of Lexi taken by a famous photographer at a bus stop in Poland!  Thank you, Heavenly Father!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the tender mercies you show me every day!  I love you!

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