Friday, March 4, 2016

Having the courage to find miracles!

Dear Friends and Family,

I bet you all can guess how I'm going to start this... Wait for it...

Last Tuesday we had Zone training, which is where all the missionaries in the Northern part of Poland get together and do what we do as missionaries... talk about the gospel! :) It was definitely one of the highlights of my week! I was able to see Siostra DeMourdant and Siostra Dekker (my MTC companions!!), Starszy Ashworth, and Starszy Einfeldt! It completely made my day :) They are all doing so well, and absolutely loving their cities! So, Zone Training! It was amazing. We talked about miracles a lot, which is something I've experienced as a missionary every single day. Our zone leader, Starszy Coutu, told a story about him being interviewed by a member of the Quorum of the 70 when he came to visit Poland! Starszy Coutu said he will never forget one thing that Elder Clark told him in that interview. It was, "Elder, you don't even know what a miracle is yet... I need you to have the courage to find out." I love that. We talked about what we can do to have the courage to find miracles, and it was so wonderful to hear all the missionaries talk about the miracles they have experienced on their missions. It was the most wonderful conference, and I can't wait for the next one in a few months! But, obviously after that meeting, I kept my eye open for miracles this week, and MAN did I find them. :) I'll share a couple with you guys!

First, I made my first Polish phone calls this week!! I know! Phone calls. In Polish. To strangers. In Polish. Did I mention it was in Polish? ha ha! SO NERVE-RACKING!! But oh my goodness, it was so great! :) I literally would type the number into my phone, stare at it for like 3 minutes, freak out, close my eyes, and then press the call button before I went insane! hahaha. But calling people is just like approaching them and talking to them on the street. The initial thought of it is so intimidating, and so terrifying, but once you just go for it, it is great :) I've really gained a testimony on my mission that the Lord will always fill my mouth with the words I should say, as long as I open it. :) I get a laugh out of that every once in a while, because often I get extremely scared to talk to people, and I think, "But what if I don't know what to say?" and it's almost as if I can hear the Lord saying, "Try me." :) It's always a good little wake-up call to me! It's like the Lord is saying, "Hello, Sister Kamp! I called you to be successful! I will not let you fail!" I love it. 
Wow, okay! I always go on huge rants about random things! haha! Back to the story! So, Sister Craig and I were going through the book we have of old investigators, and we found a paper of a woman named Izella who had been taught by the missionaries here in 2007! That is almost ancient, right?! Just kidding :) So... we called her! Whoo! I was so scared to call her, of course, but oh my goodness, as soon as she answered the phone and I told her I was a missionary, she screamed this cute old lady scream and said, "Oh, lovely girl! Please come to me! I miss you so much! My lovely missionaries! Please come see me! I miss you!" and things like that over and over! She is 76, and the cutest lady ever!! :) I love her already!! We are going to see her on Wednesday! And to think she had been hiding in our book this whole time... :) If that is not a miracle... I don't know what is :) 

Neeext miracle! We were doing an activity with the Elder's where we write a question on a whiteboard, and ask it to people on the street, and talk to them about the gospel! We call it "whiteboarding"... Pretty creative, right? haha! But anyway, so we were whiteboarding, and there was a group of people taking photos by the bridge we were on. I saw them, and got a little prompting from that still small voice to go talk to them! There it is again, always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone! haha! So... I did! I asked if I could take a photo of them, and they said yes! (and they spoke English! (they're from Turkey!) Miracle, right?! haha!) So, once I finished taking the photo of them, the guy came over to me and said, "Thank you! Now, will you take a picture WITH us?" Uh... Of course I said yes! It was so much fun!! haha! Anyway, so I took a selfie with them, and ended up talking to the guy, his name is Aydin, for like 15 minutes! He is so great! He is here studying, and is going to be here for the next 4 months. He asked me what I am doing here, and I told him I'm a missionary, and told him a little bit about what we do, and the gospel that I love enough to drop everything for 18 months. :) And guess what he said to me? "You know what? I would love to hear more about your church. You just light up when you talk about it. That must be something special." It was the best thing ever!! So, we will be meeting with him this week to talk more about the gospel! Whoo! My favourite thing to talk about! :) But really, he is amazing, and I am so excited to meet with him. He has such an evident desire to come closer to Christ, and I can't wait to meet with him. :) 

Those are a few of my miracles from this week. As small as they may seem, they were such answers to prayer for me. I really prayed to be able to find someone in that book to teach, and I really prayed for the Lord to put someone in my path during that whiteboard that I could talk to. Not only did the Lord give me both of those things, but I think Izella almost passed out from excitement at my phone call to her, and I was led to someone like Aydin, who is just so interested to hear my message. :) The Lord answers prayers, and He gives us the opportunities to have miracles every day. We just have to have the courage to find them. :) 

Have the courage to find miracles this week! I promise they are there. :)

Siostra Kamp

We all went out to dinner with out Investigator Agata! :) She's the cutest!!

Siostra Craig and Elder McMaster were trying to throw whipped cream up in the air and catch it with their mouths... Yeah, it got all over their faces, and we got the BEST laugh out of it! :)

We had dinner at Elder and Sister Tufts house with some of our branch members!! :) Sławek, Kasia, and their little daughter, Jagna :) 

Remember last week how I said Anna (my "Polish grandma") bundled us up really well? ;)

Yeah, Siostra Craig is from Canada, so we got maple syrup lollipops... SO GOOD. :)

The Sister's in Kraków sent Siostra Craig and I a package!! Umm... How cute are they?! :)

Siostra Craiiiig! I love her!

Comps :)  I love her!

Another lock bridge :) They're all over!! 

Marcin's pizza with the Elder's!! So good! :) (left: Elder McMaster, middle: Elder Coutu)

We call this "Chalk talk!" :) Us and the Elder's drew the Americas with a Book of Mormon, and the Middle East with a Bible, and wrote "Both of these books testify of Christ" underneath it! Then we talked to people about the Book of Mormon. :) It was a blast!!

It was our friend Ewa's birthday last week, so we all made and delivered a little birthday cake to her! :) We LOVE her!

Sister Tufts caught the flu bug this week, so Siostra Craig and I decided to heart attack her door to raise her spirits :) (Elder Tufts sent us this photo! How cute is she?!? We love the Tufts!!!)

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