Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A week of "I love this!"'s

Dear Family and Friends who I just love so much,

In the words of my favourite homeless man here in Bydgoszcz, "Gooooood MooooornING!" hahaha :) (He doesn't speak any English, besides that. But he sure does love to wish us a good morning each time he sees us!)

Man, I have so much to tell you all! (What else is new, Sister Kamp?) 
So, I'll just jump right in to the miracles/amazing experiences of this week. :)

Siostra Craig and I were both reunited with our MTC companions, and got to spend 3 days with them in the beautiful Gdańsk! :) It was SO much fun to be able to serve with Siostra DeMordaunt again. She is so incredible, and I love her so much. It's amazing to see how much we've both grown and changed since we served together almost 7 months ago. I love hearing all about her experiences, and being able to see the way the Lord's hand has been so present in both of our lives. Being able to serve with Sister D again just made me think so much of one of my favourite scriptures in Alma 29:14 - "My joy is more full because of the success of my [sisters], who have been up to the land of [Gdańsk]" :) (With a special appearance from some added words by me... but still!) That's exactly how I feel about Sister D! She is such an amazing missionary. 
While on exchanges, I was able to have Young Women's with the cutest girl ever! Kasia!! :) Here in Poland, there are not many young women. The entire country has maybe... 4? So I've never been able to participate in the young women's program here in Poland, until this week! Spending time with Kasia was such a little miracle to me. I think about where I was when I was her age, and I was no where near as spiritual and close to God as she is. She literally has no young women in her entire city, or in the entire North of Poland to look to, but yet her testimony is unshakable. It is amazing. We talked with her about the temple, and I was able to think back to the wonderful day that I was sealed to my parents and sisters. That was the best day of my entire life. I was able to share that experience with Kasia, and we ended up talking about it for quite a while :) I love thinking about that day. I love it. Kasia has been doing so much family history work for her family, and it is incredible how much she has done! I cannot wait for the day that she can go to the temple and perform all the ordinances for those ancestors she has found :) It's going to be the most wonderful day. 
After that I was able to spend most of the rest of the day with Siostra D, just contacting around the city :) It was so amazing to be with her, I just can't stop saying that! She has a spirit about her that even strangers can't help but notice and be drawn to. She's such an example to me, and I'm just so grateful for the time I was able to spend with her! We met so many wonderful people contacting! And some crazy ones as well ;) (We can now say that not only can we say "Goodbye, Goodnight, What's up, and Hello" in German, but we also met a woman who is apparently the mother of Jesus... And lives in Paradise with dragons... How many people can say that?)

Other than that, we went to an amazing Pierogarnia (Pierogi place), went to the beach for our morning run, had some amazing lessons, and just had the best time doing the best thing... Missionary work! That exchange was exactly what I needed. :) 

Well, one other miracle this week... 
We had the most amazing lesson about the Plan of Salvation with our lovely friend Małgorzata! And guess who helped us teach her?!? AGATA!!!!!!!! :) Oh my, it was amazing! We asked Agata is she would like to help us teach that lesson to Małgosia, and she said, "Yes, of course!! Wow, now get to be the member helping you! Oh, this is wonderful!"   And it really was. :) She has such an incredible testimony. I've never met anyone like her. Everything she says is directly from her heart, and I just know that she is going to be such a wonderful influence to all those around her in Poland. She is incredible. It is so amazing to see how far she has come from the time I first met her, to now. In a way, she is still the same Agata that I met 5 months ago, and just loved! But in another way, she is completely different. There is something about her now that you would never be able to describe unless you saw it for yourself, but I am just so grateful that I was able to meet her. She has been such a huge influence on me, and she is a living breathing testiment to me of the truthfulness of this gospel. 

Well, since this email is already almost as long as the essays my little sister's have to write in school... I'm going to cut this short :) But, I'll just end with a couple quick side note miracles...

One year ago, when I thought about how my life would be in a year, I never ever thought I would spend a Saturday evening in a little park in the middle of Bydgoszcz, Poland, playing soccer with people from 5 different countries. That just never occured to me, can't imagine why! ;) But... IT HAPPENED and it was the BEST thing of my entire life!!!!!!!! :) I miss soccer! And being able to play it with my district and some of our members/investigators... Oh man, I had the time of my life. :) 

and last thing... I saved this for the end for a reason....

AHBRAHAM AND RAFAEL (our bff's from Nigeria) ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?! I couldn't believe my ears when they told us!! :) They are seriously the most amazing people, and have the most incredible testimonies. I am so happy for them! It's an amazing thing when you get to see the way this gospel that means the world to you touches the hearts of the people you have grown to love the same way it touches yours. It's a miracle that I have never really been able to experience the way I have here, and one I will never forget. I've learned so much from Ahbraham and Rafael, and am just so grateful for them. :) One thing I will never forget, was sittting there listening to Rafael pray, and hearing him call Heavenly Father "Daddy" in his prayer... He was so sincere, and truly just having a conversation with His father during that prayer! I sat there in awe of him a little that night, because here I am, a missionary, always telling others that God is literally our Heavenly Father, and I have really really thought of having a conversation with him in my prayers as I would with my own dad. Obviously I talk with the Lord in my prayers, but I don't know if I've ever really registered how close of a relationship my Heavenly Father and I really have, until I heard Rafael call him, "daddy". Cutest thing ever! :) 

Anyway, that's the end of my long story time for the week :) I'm sorry I always type so much!! Ah!
But I love you all, and I hope you have the most amazing week!!
There is something in this gospel that just makes every day so wonderful, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary.

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

We got the biggest kick out of her English apron! :)

Making Polish food with our lovely Małgorzata!! :)

We painted our nails for Young Women's when I was in Gdańsk on exchanges! :) Kasia is such a pro at painting nails. She says her nail salon one day will be called, "Spaaaaaa with me. Like... Ahhhh like you're relaxing." hahaha :) Love her!! ​

Siostra DeMordaunt took me to the BEACH for our morning run on exchanges!! Ahhh I love her!! And the beach!!! :)  So good to be reunited with my MTC comp :) Gdańsk 2016 exchange!! :)

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