Monday, July 11, 2016

The miracle of change

Dear Family and Friends, 

Oh my goodness... I am still in shock with the incredible things that have taken place over the last few weeks - Miracles are happening every day here, and the Poland Warsaw Mission is starting to Change - It can really be felt.

I will start with the Zone Training that we had this past Saturday in Warsaw :) 

It was AMAZING. I was able to meet my new mission President, President Turek, his wife, Sister Turek, and their three adorable children (all under the age of 12, I might add! :) ) After spending the day in Warsaw with the Turek's, I cannot tell you all enough how much I know that they have been called of God to serve here. 

The training conference that we had in Warsaw was absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe how wonderful it was! For the first time on my mission, it was ALL in Polish. Not a word of English was spoken. It was INCREDIBLE. We sat down and I gave the opening prayer and soon it began, with the Turek's little family sitting at the front of the room :) They told us a little about themselves, and it was so amazing to get to know them! 
President Turek is from Poland, a city called Wrocław, but has lived in Germany for the past 12 years with his wife (who is German), and their three beautiful kids! President Turek told us all the story of his conversion over 20 years ago, and it was such a spiritual moment. I was amazed. He told us how his Family met the Church when he was 11 years, and described that their first Sunday visiting the church, there were only 3 people there, and they were... well... a little strange. ;) However, despite this, they kept coming back. That's when he pointed out to us... The people in this church are not the reason that we go to church. They may help, but the reason we keep going back, is this... That this is the Lord's church, and you can feel that every time you walk in those doors. I love that... It is so true. :) Well, he then continued his story, and told us that after some time, his whole family was baptized. He described that there were a few things we could learn from this story, and I agree. He said, above anything else, we should learn that it IS POSSIBE to baptize in the Poland Warsaw Mission. Even entire families. It is possible. The Lord truly would not send his missionaries to a place that He has not prepared His children to receive them. I have a very personal testimony of that. :) Despite small brach sizes, unsupportive families, strong Catholic traditions, and any other obstacle that is placed in our paths... it is possible. As he shared the story of His conversion, I felt the Spirit strongly testify to me that it was true. At times on my mission I will admit that I have felt that those truly prepared people seem out of reach. I have certainly had experiences where upon bringing an investigator to Church, only 3 or 5 people were there, and that person was never to return again, along with many other experiences. But, we spoke in this conference of FAITH and the faith to know that there are those people out there, like President Turek and His family. It was such a wonderful conference, and just exactly what the Lord knew I needed to hear. Despite my Polish being less than stellar, I was able to understand everything that was said in that conference. Not only just in my head, but in my heart. It was amazing. I can't say it enough - the Lord is in this. :)No, It is not always easy - Polish is very difficult, BUT - I have loved this spiritual process of learning it. :) I have learned so much more than a language on my mission. 

It was a truly inspiring Conference, and just what I needed to start this transfer.  Prezydent Turek is truly a man Called of God. Sitting there and listening to Him speak - He is a Powerful man, called at this young age to do this work. I know that God knew what He was doing when He called Prezydent Turek here. From the instant I saw their family, I loved them. I feel this loyalty to them I cannot explain. It just feels so natural having them here at this time. I cannot wait to serve with them. :) 

Well, in other exciting news... Our wonderful friend Tadeusz is preparing to be baptized on the 13th of August!! I don't even have the words to describe the wonderfully spiritual lessons we had with him this week... He is incredible. All I can say is that the Lord loves Tadeusz so much. I feel it every time we are with him. The lessons we had with him this week were some of the most spiritual moments I've ever experienced. Even though I don't have the words (or the time) to describe them in detail, I can tell you all - the Lord is in this. I have no doubt that the Lord led Siostra Carlson and Siostra Gheen to Tadeusz, and I have no doubt that the Lord is ever so present in Tadeusz's life. :) 

I wish I had more time to tell you all the wonderful miracles that happened this week... But, I don't want to talk your ears off either ;) So, I'll just leave you all with this :)

The Lord loves you, He knows you, and He has a greater plan for you than you can even imagine. Trust Him. :) 

Love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!! 

Z miłością, 
Siostra Kamp

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