Monday, March 20, 2017

Contagious Joy!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello, everyone! I hope this week has found you all happy and healthy! 

This week was one full of so many smiles - and not just for me! :) 
Sister Larsen and I will be painting our apartment today (wish us luck!) so I don't have a world of time... but I wanted to share one experience with you all that brought a smile to my face (and it still hasn't left!) :)

We were able to meet with several of our sweet members this past week, and they were the most wonderful meetings!! But one of them I just can't NOT share :) 
This lovely member of ours is so dear to my heart, and I just love her! She is the sweetest old lady, and calls herself my "Polish grandma". :) Well, long story's short - we asked her if we would be able to come over this week and help her get started on her family history work, to which she happily agreed, and it. was. the. best. 
We logged in to her familysearch page, and SURPRISE - much of her family tree had already been being worked on! With every name of her ancestors that popped up on the screen, she would let out little screams of joy! "My grandfather!!" "WHAT! My great-grandmother too?!" "Are you serious?! He's on here too?? This is impossible! :O" It was just the cutest thing in the world. :) My heart leaped every time she let out one of those little excited yells! We were able to show her how to find more information about her ancestors, and you would've thought she won the lottery!! Each time we found something (or even a hint of something), she would jump up, do a little dance, then run to the phone and call her brother - her screams audible from the other room! It made me so happy!! :) 
The feeling of sitting in meetings like that, and feeling the Holy Ghost testify to everyone in the room of the importance of this work, and of the eternal worth of families is indescribable. I consider it one of the biggest blessings to be able to assist those love here be able to assist those they love on the other side. :) 
But that wasn't all! Even after we left, she sent me the sweetest sms thanking us for all we did, and telling me how the smile that meeting had brought to her face was never going to leave! Sister Larsen and I were all smiles for the rest of the day :) BUT THEN, the next morning we were at home, studying from the scriptures when my phone began to ring. I went and picked it up and saw that sweet members name on the screen, and couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. :) I answered, and before I could even say hello, I heard this - "SISTER KAMP!! Listen to me!! I am here with my son, I called him yesterday and told him he needed to get over here as soon as possible, and we are both just looking at this page in complete SHOCK. Complete shock! How is this possible?! How?!" I was just laughing and laughing, she was so happy!! :) Her son asked me if this family history website we use has records of only Mormon people, and I explained to him - No way! :) Our church a few years ago had come to Poland, and gone through the records of each city and microfilmed them, so every birth, death, and marriage record that exists in Poland can be found on that site. Sometimes they haven't been indexed yet, so you just have to order the microfilm that record was saved to, and go through it, but every record is on there. He could not BELIEVE it! :) hahaha. They were both yelling for joy and dancing around throughout the whole phone call, and it just warmed my heart so much!! :) 
The joy of family history work is contagious. :) 

Just a short little story to hopefully put a smile on your faces this week - I'm sorry I don't have much time!!
But I love you all so much, and wish you an amazing week! :) 

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

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