Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Prince of Peace - what Easter is all about.

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy late Easter!! I hope you all had the most wonderful Easter Sunday, and that you could truly feel the Spirit as the day went on. The love I have for this day set apart to remember our Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrection is indescribable. I can't even tell you the gratitude I feel for my Saviour, and for all He did, does, and will do for me. Being in His service these past 18 months, I have grown closer to Him that I ever could have imagined. I love Him. He has truly changed me.

I apologize for not having had the time to be able to write much the past few weeks, or send many photos! This week I will send lots :) 

We have had a lot of wonderful adventures this last week, and it has been amazing to see the Lord's hand in our lives! We have had many meetings, and even more miracles! The highlight of it all though was definitely the Easter holiday :) 

Easter here in Poland is just as celebrated and loved as Christmas! I have loved being able to experience the Polish Easter traditions, and seeing the impact they have on the lives of the people here. The blessing of the Easter baskets of food for Easter morning, the special ceremonies on Palm Sunday, and throughout the week. The Easter games, the special foods, prayers, songs, plants, decorations, and everything my wonderful friends here have showed me about Polish Easter... It is all so surreal! 
But even more than that - I've been blessed to see the love the wonderful people here have for their Saviour, and all He for them did. My heart has been filled to the brim with love for them as I've seen them celebrating the life of Jesus Christ, and I can't help but feel so grateful to have the testimony of Him that I do. I feel blessed beyond measure to have had the opportunity in my life to personally feel Him by my side. To experience the enabling and purifying power of His atoning sacrifice for ME.  To feel Him lifting me when times are harder, and to share my joy with Him when the times are better. 
I know He lives. He lived, died, and rose again the third day - for me. And for you. And for all of us. He is my closest friend, and the source of my greatest peace and I will always be so grateful for Him. 

If you haven't been able to watch the Easter video put out by the church, please take the 2 minutes to do so. It brings me to tears. Every word in that video is true. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.

As the end of this mission nears, the peace I have been given from my Saviour has been the biggest miracle for me. I know without a doubt that His peace is real. It is real, and it is for every one of us, no matter what we are going through. He can calm troubled seas, and troubled souls. Even yours :) I know, because He has done the same for me. 

I love you all so much, and hope you have an amazing week! Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers. I hope more than anything that you can feel mine too. :) 

Z miłością, 
Siostra Kamp

Toruń, Poland!

Gathering sticks for our craft at the branch party!

My favorite people!

Saying goodbye to my favorite Ukranian in the whole world <3

This lovely friend of mine is moving to Germany today...  A picture was absolutely necessary!  I love her!

My Polish Grandma <3 I LOVE HER.

Stole my camera!  I love these goofs.

Skyping with my favourite Szczecin missionaries :)  We had a training with them - one last goodbye!

My favorite man in the world!!!

Saying goodbye to President Mowes.  He is the biggest example to me.  I just love that man.

At the Cathedral for Polish Easter tradition with our favourite person :)

Elder Barlow carved a lamb out of butter... We were so impressed!

Elder Barlow - taking on Toruń.

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