Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Szczęśliwego święto Dziękczynienia! (Happy Thanksgiving)

Dear Friends and Family,

HAPPY (EARLY) THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! I can't believe I have already been in the MTC for a month! It feels like I just got here! I'm so glad I still have 5 more weeks to soak it all in! I know I will miss this when I leave, but I also CAN'T WAIT to get to Poland. :)

Well, with Thanksgiving being tomorrow (Whaaaaat??) I just wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for every single one of you. :) I am so grateful for your love, your support, your emails, your letters, your packages, your testimonies, and your prayers! I love you all so much! You all mean the world to me! Even though I can't be with you this Thanksgiving, know I will be thinking of you all, all day tomorrow! 

Funny story! So, Siostra Barney and Siostra Lerch were teaching our investigator Sławek, and the first question they asked him was "Do you have any plans for thanksgiving this week?" And I guess he just got this super confused look on his face, and said, "W Polse?" Which means, "In Poland?" annnnnd yes. Thanksgiving is an American holiday everyone! ha ha! It was hilarious! Siostra Barney was cracking up at herself. :) But THEN! She realized that she had asked our investigator Karina the same question the day before, and she had actually answered!! So, it was funny. :)

I am feeling so grateful this week! (The spirit of Thanksgiving is so great!!) So... here's a few more things I am thankful for:

-I am thankful for my family, and the examples they are to me. My parents and sisters have been reading the scriptures and praying each night since I have been gone, and I find so much joy in that! Just knowing that at night, when I sit down to read my scriptures and pray, even though we aren't together, they are doing the same thing. :) I love them so much!! This week, I've realized that I am the Lord's investigator. We all are! I want my investigators to read the scriptures more fervently, pray with a sincere heart to their Father in Heaven, and strive to build their faith and their testimony in Jesus Christ. Well, since being here, I have realized that that is exactly what the Lord wants ME to do. I am just as much HIS investigator, as Karina and Sławek are mine. :) We all are. 
-I am grateful for amazing friends, extended family, neighbors, and classmates that always keep me smiling! I love hearing about all of your adventures! I may not always have time to respond, but I read every email that is sent to me, and I promise I think of you!! And I pray for every one of you every day. :)
-I am grateful for this amazing country, and the freedoms we have. In the Book of Mormon, it talks of the restoration of the gospel, and how the freedom of religion that the United States has was vital to the restoration! I love the men and women that serve our country, and wish I could really express to them how much they are loved and appreciated.
-I am grateful for the little things. Like, when Siostra D and I stop everything we are doing because we find a perfect leaf on the ground, or when Siostra Barney free-style raps about the gospel, or when you get a simple answer to a fervent prayer, or the Polish sister's and I's end of the day "Polish prayer and group hug." Little things are really big things sometimes. :) I'm so grateful for them!
-I am grateful for the priesthood. SO grateful. This week has been one of a lot of sickness for one of the girls here, and she has just constantly been in our prayers. But one night this past week, she asked for a priesthood blessing for our Starszy, and a few of us were able to be in the room while that blessing was given. I can't even describe to you all how abundant and incredible (for lack of a better word) the spirit was in that room. Starszy Ashworth gave the most AMAZING blessing. I don't think there was a dry eye in that room. :) We are so grateful for his example to us. We love him, and are so grateful for him. That moment just made me SO grateful for the priesthood in my life, and the amazing Elder's here that constantly strive to live worthily of it. The priesthood truly is the power of God. That blessing made us all think of our future's, and how we want nothing more than to be able to raise our families in this gospel, with the priesthood to guide us day by day. I couldn't imagine going through life without it. If any of you ever are sick, have heavy hearts, or just feel the need for a priesthood blessing, please please pleaaase don't hesitate to ask someone. They give comfort and peace in a way that is so hard to describe, but so easy to feel. Anyone can be given a blessing, the Lord is there for ALL of us, ALL the time. :) 
-And finally, I am grateful for this gospel. I am grateful to know and have a relationship with our Savior, who loves ALL of us. He came to Earth and suffered and atoned for our sins, so that we may return to live with our Father in Heaven. Because of Him, we don't have to be perfect. But also because of Him, we can be. I know that if there was only me, or only you on the Earth, he would have still performed His Atonement, because he loves you THAT MUCH. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation. Families can be together forever. The Lord has a plan for us, all of us. He knows our paths so much better than we do. We need only to trust in Him, and follow Him in faith. He will never lead us astray. I'm grateful for Joseph Smith, and his courage, and love for the gospel. He could have given up so many times, because of the persecution and mockery he received. But, he didn't. He KNEW our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ appeared to Him, he KNEW the Book of Mormon is the word of God, he KNEW that this gospel needed to be restored. He KNEW, and he could not deny it. I am grateful for temples, and the sacrament, and the Book of Mormon. I am SO grateful. The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It is another testament of the living Jesus Christ, our Savior. I know this, with everything I am. This gospel is our map to eternal life. It is the way to eternal peace, eternal joy, and eternal life. 

Well, I am out of time for the day, but I love you all so much more than I can even tell you! I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving, and remember how blessed you all are!! Count your blessings instead of sheep tonight, you'll be surprised how many blessings you have. :) The Lord has given us so much. I will be thinking of you all all day tomorrow! 

I love you, miss you, and am so grateful for you!

Siostra Kamp

My appreciation for this Starszy grew leaps and bounds this week!  He's the glue that holds our District together. We love him!

Some of my Zone :)  We're nerds!  I love them!

My zone leader Elder Brown wanted to try out my violin.  He's a natural.  haha!

All our name tags, on the grass during our temple walk. :)

Some of the Elder's!

I love them!

I love them!!

The best companion ever!

Service day!  Fourth week in a row cleaning bathrooms!  We must be pro or something, because they keep picking us!

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