Monday, May 16, 2016

This really is for me.

Dear Family and Friends,

Guess what today is?! My lovely parents 20th anniversary!!!!! (Awwwwe!!!) And it also marks the day that my sister's and I entered the temple, and were sealed to them forever and ever (and ever). :) Being on a mission has made me SO grateful for the knowledge we have of eternal families. The promise of being able to live with the ones you love forever is something priceless. It means the world to me. Happy Anniversary, ya love birds!! I'm so grateful I get to be with you forever. :)

Well, as far as this week goes - it was another incredible one! :) So many things happened!! We had our bi-monthly zone training, which is always a blast! I love those so much. :)

One of my little tender mercies this week was a little visit I got from one of my family's dear friends, Brother Gwilliam. He came to Poland on a business trip this past week, and he drove all the way from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz to deliver a package my family had sent him with for me, and to take my companion and I out to dinner and ice cream. As we sat at dinner, he shared stories with us of his mission, and it was so inspiring. We listened to his stories (with our eyes super wide, I'm sure!) and seriously were soaking in every moment. It was such a little miracle to me this week, and to Sister Craig as well. I don't think he even realized the impact he had on us that day, but he did more for us than he will ever know. Siostra Craig and I came home that night, and wrote some of the advice he gave us on little sticky notes, and now we see them every day. :) Meeting with Brother Gwilliam made me think of that song, "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy". In that song, it talks about a Lighthouse, and something called the "Lower Lights". The Lord is our Lighthouse. His light is always shining as a guide back home. But sometimes the shores are rocky, and the waves are rough. That's when we need the Lower Lights. Those are lights that are places on the shore, and when the sailor lines up the lower lights with the lighthouse, He has found the safe passage, and will make it to shore safely. I think God uses us as the lower lights for those around us more than we think. That is not just what missionary work is, it's in our every day. :) And for us, I know Brother Gwilliam was definitely our Lower Light that day.
I hope you all will find some small way this week to reach out to someone around you. As little as a service you do may seem to you, it could mean everything for someone else. :)

Well, this upcoming week is a VERY special one!! Our lovely friend Agata is going to be baptized on Friday!! :) I think I mentioned before that she had been struggling with her parents unacceptance of her decision to be baptized. That has been extremely hard for her, as I'm sure it would be for any of us. But this week we were able to have a little meeting with her, and it was amazing. The first thing she told us when she came in was how scared she was, and how many doubts she had. It was a wonderful experience just for me to be able to sit and listen to her, and be there for her. Elder Coutu and Elder Rowley were able to join us in that meeting with Agata, and it was such a little miracle that they were there. As Agata was telling us of her doubts and fears, Elder Coutu stopped her and asked if she would like a priesthood blessing. She just stopped and looked at him with big eyes and said, "Yes! Please! Every time, every where, whenever you can!" :) It was so cute! So, Elder Coutu and Elder Rowley layed their hands on Agata's head, and gave her the most beautiful priesthood blessing (in Polish) I have ever heard. It was incredible. After the blessing, Agata sat with her head in her hands for what had to have been 5 minutes. We all sat there, and just soaked in the spirit that was present, and I couldn't help but cry (of course). After those 5 minutes past, Agata looked up and said, "I love this feeling of the Holy Ghost..." That made us all smile, and Elder Coutu just looked at her and said, "Agata, can you believe that after you are baptized, you will have that forever?" I've never seen her smile so big. :) Then my favourite moment happened. She grabbed her little Book of Mormon, held it, and said, "Yeah... This really is for me." :)Agata is incredible. We pray for her every day to be able to remember the testimony she has received of the truthfulness of this gospel. She is so excited to take this step closer to her Heavenly Father, and I just cannot wait for her special day. She has a testimony of gold, and such a desire to be baptized. I love her, and I know the Lord does too.

We had so many other wonderful experiences this week, but unfortunately that's all I have time for today! I'll just leave you all with a little promise I found from my personal studies this week. :)

"I will make you this promise about reading the Book of Mormon: You will be drawn to it as you understand that the Lord has embedded in it His message for you. Nephi, Mormon, and Moroni knew that, and those who put it together put in messages for you. I hope you have confidence that this book is written for you. There are simple, direct messages for you that will tell you how to change. That is what this book is about. It is a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Atonement, and how it may work in your life. You will experience the feeling of change that comes by the power of the Atonement because of studying this book."

I love the Book of Mormon. Every day I long for that hour I get to just sit down at my little desk and read it. It's the most amazing book, and I promise you if you open it and study it's words, you will be able to hold it just like Agata - you will realize it really is for you

I hope you all have an amazing week! Sorry for talking (writing) your ears off again! I just always have so much to say! haha!

Kocham was!

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

The cutest Donut truck, and the most delicious donuts. :)
Narnia? Yeah... Quit searching everyone... We found it... :)

Sister Mowes!! She's back from the US!!!! :) I love her!!

Cute little spot by our river! (Sister Craig's getting her photographer skills on!)

Elder Tufts - our very own rule bender! (I LOVE HIM.)

Family Home Evening activity - Balloon animals!!

What happens when two sister missionaries find a carnival by their apartment...​

Pierogi stand at the little local fair! :)​

Brother Gwilliam! I'm so grateful for him!!

A Canadian specialty apparently... So good!! (Tim Tams!)​

Sister Craig and I on the way to Zone Training! :) (We were both Sister Kamp that day, because she forgot her tag! ;) )

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