Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How adventurous can we be? :)

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello, everyone!! I just love you all!!! :) 

Siostra Craig and I are all still SO excited about the Baptism which took place last week - it was truly a miracle. The Lord's hand is so present in this work. This week was slower, and definitely less eventful, but still absolutely wonderful!!! 

One of my favourite highlights of the week this week was when Agata got up in our sacrament meeting yesterday, and bore her testimony...
She got up, and although she was nervous, it was so so so incredible to see her - There as a MEMBER. People often say they see a "Glow" about others, after joining the church, or some spiritual significant event. Personally, I've never seen anything like that before... But I can honestly say that as Agata was up there bearing her testimony, she truly glowed in a way I had never seen her glow before. It was so beautiful. I have been sitting here for the past day, arguing with myself as to whether or not it was just a reflection of her yellow dress, but... The glow on her face was so much more than a reflection. That's all I can say. :) She got up and said since she has received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, everything has changed, and more so than she could have ever expected. She has felt this new and wonderful energy and desire to be a better person. She has felt the love of God and she said: "I feel his love now, more than ever before, like he is always with me". She expressed how in July, it will be her 5 month mark, since she first met the missionaries on the street. She said how she had truly come to learn in the last few weeks that if we just have the Faith to act, it is given us - What we need, from God. She doesn't understand everything still, and she is at peace with that. She trusts Him. Everything has changed in her life already. She laughed from the stand as she called us her family -"You are like my family... I can call you family, right?" she said. I smiled so big. Despite all the troubles she has had with her family accepting her choice, she is now on the right path - she is truly starting her journey. She now has adopted more family than she knows. I could just feel, as she stood there and bore her testimony, that God truly does know her, and love her, So so much, and He is so proud of her. She literally GLOWED. I love her so much. She is one of the most spiritually amazing people I have ever met.

So funny moments of the week! We had planned to have a "Sports Saturday" activity on Saturday... but... Mother Nature seemed to have different plans... It started POURING rain about 30 minutes before we were supposed to start!! What!! So we ran to the chapel, and were literally SOAKING wet - but it was so fun because I literally thought to myself: "I feel like I am at a water park, this is AWESOME" and so Siostra Craig and I just jumped in some puddles and got completely soaked. It was SO FUN!! So, we canceled our sports saturday, and literally 30 minutes later it stopped raining... Remind anyone of Utah? ;) Ohhh Poland... And then there were these weird Catholic riots (for what reason, I don't know) going on, and then while we were contacting, we found a GIANT beetle on the side of the street... What is this, Africa? Well, that leads me into a funny story... 

and AWESOME miracle of the week - So you may remember our African friend, Rafael, who we met on the street one day, and Siostra Craig felt like she should say hello, so she did, (SHE ROCKS!) and he turned out to be SUPER nice, and is here studying for school! He is from Nigeria, and speaks some language I cannot pronounce - but also English. He has been traveling around Europe for school for around 5 years - it has been 5 years since he has seen his family - and I thought 18 months was difficult... He recounted to the Elders how we came up to him that night, speaking Polish and how he was like: "Woah what...? I don't speak Polish". Now he said how grateful he was that he met us, and that he feels God put us in His path, here in Poland. Apparently his mom always calls him and asks him if he went to church, and now he can say YES. Because he seriously comes to church every week. It was such a cool experience. I especially like how whenever Siostra Craig calls Rafael, he always answers with "Hey girl". Classic. 

Well, Rafael has been coming to Church quite a lot lately, and each time he comes, he is brought to tears - He is SO spiritual. It is funny because he is this big tough DJ from Africa, and he is always pulling out tissues during the meeting. We have English translation (As you know form the translating stories...) and he loves being able to understand what is happening in the service. He has come 3 weeks in a row now! Well this week we had him come over to our Senior Couples home, for Dinner. Well, he brought one of his friends, Also from Nigeria, and we handed them off the our Elders, so they talked with them, and gave them both a Book of Mormon - and they both agreed to meet! It was SO awesome. Well, this past Sunday, Rafael's friend, Abraham walks into the Chapel, and has FOUR friends with him - FOUR. We had a smaller congregation, so they almost outnumbered our members - it was SO incredible though. They all come strolling into our little chapel, dishing out some high fives and some super cool "Bro shakes" (which I am still in the process of trying to master...), and sat down. We got them translation and they LOVED the meeting - During Sacrament meeting, they loved it, and at the end, Sister Tufts gave a prayer in English. The whole time they were erupting into "AMEN" 's and I could barely keep it together. Every time she said something about Jesus a few "Amens" would slip out... It was SO different from anything I have ever experienced on my mission in Poland - So so so funny. They even ran back into the chapel after the meeting to ask for some copies of the Book of Mormon... SO cool. They are such kind people. They are even coming to our weekly "Family Home Evening" tonight, along with the Aydin, the Turkish man we met!  It is going to be the BEST!!!!! A mix of people from Poland, Turkey, Canada, America, and Nigeria... (Didn't see this coming on my mission!!). it was a cool miracle this week - Wow God is so good to us!

Well, that is a brief overview of the crazy adventures that transpired this week...

I love you all so much, and hope you have had the most amazing week. :) I love this gospel, and I love being a missionary. I love it. I have never been more blessed to be anything in my life. The Lord truly is with the people here in Poland, and I am SO blessed to be able to be here with them.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!! 

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp 

When my comp and I get a prompting to go up the tallest hill I've ever seen to find someone....


SOAKING WET, AND LOVING IT! :) This was seriously so fun. 

* These pictures were posted by Sister Kagele in Poland.  She is like a 2nd Mom to Lexi while she serves in Poland.  Last week was Mother's Day in Poland, and this is what Sister Kagele wrote with her post...
Perk #279 of living in Poland. ..getting to celebrate Mother's twice as they celebrate it on a different day then the US. So how did I celebrate? Since it is a national holiday as well everything is closed and I have a day off from work so time to spring prune my front and side yard with my kiddo's. After 20 man hours my yard looks AMAZING! And then an had a lunch cooked for me, breakfast burritos never tasted so good after working so hard.


  1. I just love reading Sister Kamp's blog, they are just such an inspiration and so full of faith.

    1. Thank you, Joanne! I love reading all their blogs too! ((hugs))
      -Lexi's Mom