Monday, May 23, 2016

This really was a week of miracles.

Dear Family and Friends,

God truly is a God of miracles. 
I'm sure you all know exactly what my miracle was this week... :)

On Friday, May 20, 2016 our lovely friend Agata and our little Anna were baptized, and just yesterday, the 22nd, were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I seriously don't know if my heart has ever been so full!! 

With the way my heart feels, I could honestly go on and on about all the little details of those two perfect days for HOURS! But, as much as I'm sure you would all love that (hehe), I really just want to tell you about all the wonderful miracles God put in our path to make those two perfect days possible. We experienced so many miracles, more than I can even count, and I have truly been in awe of the Lord this past week. My journal entries from those two days equal a total of 15 pages if that tells you all anything... :O

First, my dear family friend Brother Gwilliam. I know I told you all about how wonderful his visit was last week, but I left out something. As we spent some time with him, we had told him how difficult it had been to find a modest white dress for Agata to be baptized in. She wanted a special white dress for her special day, and we wanted that for her as well! But, it seemed to be impossible to find any dress in any store for her. She had asked her family friend (a seamstress) to make her one, which she had planned on. But just a week before the baptism, she told Agata she could not find any fabric for the dress. We were telling Brother Gwilliam about this, and all the sudden he just said, "Let me buy her a dress." Despite our constant "No, you can't do that. We will find one. Don't worry"'s - one week later, a beautiful baptismal dress arrived in the mail for Agata. We gave her the package, and she opened it, saw the dress, and gasped! She tried it on, and it fit perfectly! She looked so beautiful!! She was in awe, really, and so were we. She just kept saying, "Wow... It's wonderful..." :) It was the perfect cherry on the perfect cake. We will never be able to repay Brother Gwilliam's for that, but it truly was an answer to prayer, and we are SO grateful for him. 

Second, this next story is for you, Mamusz! 
My family had sent a wonderful package for me with Brother Gwilliam when he came, and inside the little package was a present for Agata. Agata had been really struggling with her famiy's unacceptance of her desire to be baptized, and was seriously questioning and doubting her decision... It was difficult to see, because as a member of this church I have been able to see the wonderful blessings my decision to be baptized has brought to my life, and as a missionary, you just want that same joy and those same blessings for your investigators so badly. But we prayed and prayed and prayed some more for her, and were able to meet with her last Tuesday, when she told us she would give us her final decision. Little Annafleur was with us, (our little friend that also got baptized on Friday), and when Agata walked in, Anna just ran up and gave her the biggest hug. :) It melted my heart, and I know it melted Agata's too! We all sat down, and Agata seemed to get sadder and sadder as she told us of her doubts about her decision to be baptized. It broke my heart.. I hated having to see her go through that... As we were listening to her, a thought came into my mind, "Give her your family's gift." I had no idea why I had brought that gift to our lesson that day, because I was sure I would give it to her on Friday at her baptism, but... Spiritual promptings! Whoo! :) So, I opened my backpack, and handed my family's gift to here. She stopped in the middle of her sentence, looked at the gift, and said, "What's this?" and I just told her it was from my family! She was in shock, and so grateful, but she just set it down beside her and continued to talk. I knew Siostra Craig and I were on the same wavelength when Sister Craig  interrupted Agata and said, "Agata, I think you should open that right now." She was a little caught off guard, but she said, "Right now? Okay!" and opened it up. Inside the package was a little handkerchief shaped into a baptismal dress, and an English Book of Mormon. She said her classic, "Oh come onnnn! :)" and smiled to herself as she thumbed her way through the Book of Mormon, finding little photos of the temple as she went. She just kept repeating, "Ohhh wow...", "Ohhh my", then she got to the back of the Mormon, and immediately tears filled her eyes as she touched the pages of the book, where my mom, dad, and sisters had each written her a little note... She read them each out loud, crying as she read, and I was bawling! (Ask me if I'm a baby!.... Yes.) As she read what my mom had written about my baptism experience, and the white dress she had gotten me for my special day, and the white dress (hankerchief) she wanted to get Agata for her's, and the words she had told me as I stepped out of the font, Agata just cried. She read, "We know that Lexi loves you, and because of that, we love you too." and she just smiled through her tears and said, "I love them too... I love them." Then we all cried together. Sometimes I wish my mission was being recorded on film so I could just show my family that moment, where even 6,000 miles away they touched Agata's heart. Everytime I have seen Agata since then, she tells me what angels my family are. That was a moment I don't think any of us will ever forget. I know I say that a lot, but that moment will truly be embedded in my heart forever. 

I feel like I've already typed a novel, and I've only told two miracles! But just really quickly, some other ones I will mention are...

*We found a last minute pool to rent for her baptism, and those who were able to come, were there.
*Little Annafleur was baptized. Almost a year and a half after her 8th birthday, she was baptized, and it was PERFECT timing. Her and Agata truly needed each other. 
*All the prayers all over the world for Agata. 
*Her testimony after she was baptized, knowing that she made the right decision. 

My goodness... There are so many more... 
This week was a week of miracles. I feel so grateful to the Lord for letting me be a little part of this special time for Agata and AnnaFleur. I love them so much. At the end of the day, everything came together. The Lord was there, and Agata and Anna just beamed... and that's what mattered most to us. Everything about those two completely perfect days, I owe to the Lord. God is so good. 

I love you all, and am so grateful for all of your prayers and support! I could feel them this week... And I know Agata could too. :) 

Thank you for everything. Have an amazing week!!
The Lord is in it. :)

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

*Some of these pictures this week were forwarded to me from Brother Gwilliam, from Brother Tufts.

*Agata and her boyfriend, Andziej. 

*Agata and AnnaFleur on their baptism day.

We love Agata!!! I'm so happy for her. <3

 My favourite photo of Agata and Anna <3

Agata and the Tufts!

My lovely little AnnaFleur, on her baptism day! She is the cutest. :) It was the perfect day!

Sister Craig and I with our lovelies <3 I love these three so much. This day was Perfect, just like Agata and Anna!

My beautiful friend Agata, on her baptism day. I love this woman. It was the perfect day. :)

*Agata, Siostra Craig, & Siostra Kamp

Agata and Elder Tufts :)

*Siostra Kamp making brownies at FHE

*This picture was sent to me (Lexi's Mom) in Siostra Barney's email today. She also taught Agata before Lexi was transferred to Bydgoszcz.  This is what she wrote with the picture:
Agata was Baptized and two of my most favorite sisters!!!!! 

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