Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A little note.

This week Lexi only had a few minutes to write! It is transfer week and she had to share the computer with a lot of missionaries waiting for their new missionaries to arrive. (No pictures either) She said I could share a part of her email to me as her letter this week to family and friends! We are all looking forward to next week, now, to see who her new companion is that she will be training!...and to get pictures! 
Thank you for all the love and prayers sent her way! 

Mama Kamp

From Lexi:
I'm going to be a "mom"!!!!!! I'm training!!!!!!! Ohhhh man... I can't even believe it. When Prezydent told me I almost had a heart attack. But, yeah!! I am training, in Łódż, which I am SO happy about!! (and I'm also going to be the oldest missionary in my city, so pretty much all the responsibility for keeping the branch running is on my shoulders... Meetings, translation, activities... Ahhhh!) So, I am currently in Warsaw, and my "baby" is currently on a plane flying here! I can't believe it!! I don't even know who she is yet, what her name is, what she looks like, or anything, but.. I already love her so much. It's crazy :) Honestly, I am so grateful that I wasn't able to email you all on Saturday right after I got that call from Prezydent, though, because... If you would've asked me how I felt about it then, I would've told you I felt overwhelmed, scared, worried, and so weak, and I had no idea how I was going to do it... I felt so weak, mom, and it worried me so much... But honestly, that is why I am grateful I wasn't able to email you until today, because... I have LOST myself in prayer these last couple days, and every fear I had, I gave to the Lord.. It has been the most amazing experience. I remember after I got that call, I immediately knelt down, and I told the Lord I knew He had called me to be a trainor this next transfer, but I didn't think I could do it... I told him all my fears - "I don't have a good enough relationship with the members" "I don't speak Polish" "I don't know how to get anywhere, the trams are too confusing" and just all these worries... But seriously, the next day, on Sunday in church - every single fear I had was completely erased by the the Lord. I went to church, and our Branch President asked me to speak in sacrament meeting like 20 minutes before it started, because we didn't have enough speakers.. and honestly, I thought, "Oh boy... The Lord has too much faith in me." But seriously, it was the most amazing thing in the world. I went up to the pulpit, not even having an idea of what I was going to say, and... it just came. It was the craziest thing I have ever experienced... I can't even describe it. But, I will never forget that. My heart was SO full... After sacrament, one of the members came up to me and gave me the biggest hug, and told me I am the most amazing person she's ever met, and I cried. haha. Three other members came up and shook my hand, and told me what I said was just exactly what they needed, and one of them told me I was the angel he had prayed for to answer his prayer... Then the Prezydent of our Branch came up to me and had tears in his eyes!! And he shook my hand and all he said was, "You are an amazing woman, Sister Kamp." Then this member named Wioleta (she is the head translator for the church) came up to me after church, and told me that my Polish was perfect, and she sat in shock the whole time she listened to me speaking... She said I didn't make a single mistake! It was just... AH. Mom, I can't even describe it! The Holy Ghost was with me so much that day... It was a feeling like I've never experienced! Every doubt and fear I had ranted to the Lord the day before, was gone after that church meeting. He had given me little miracles all throughout that meeting, to reassure me that He was there, and He knows what He is doing. That He trusts me enough to do this, but also that He is not asking me to do it alone. When I kneeled down that night to pray, I could almost hear Him saying, "You are never alone, Sister Kamp. I'm here. Let's do this, together." It was amazing. I'm seriously teary eyed as I type this. I'm such a baby. haha! 

I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord has the perfect plan. I trust Him SO much, and I am SO grateful for the trust He has in me. It is incredible to me that He can trust me, a young 19 year old girl who is so imperfect, to carry out His perfect work. I know that He is with me, though, with absolutely every step I take. This is going to be an amazing transfer, and I cannot wait :) There are no feelings of dread, or worry, or inadequacy anymore... Only excitement, gratitude, and faith :) 

Siostra Kamp

I received this fuzzy picture in my Facebook messages and it brought tears to my eyes!  I love getting pictures each week from Lexi and when I don't it is hard to wait until the next week comes.  Heavenly Father always seems to send me his "tender mercies" to this Mama.  I always get a random picture emailed or sent to me when Lexi hasn't had time to send one.  He knows me and I feel his love for me, every time I recieve a sweet picture from Poland.  

From Tami Mowes:  We saw Siostra Kamp yesterday in the main train station in Warsaw.  She was on her way to meet her new trainee companion. 

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