Monday, August 8, 2016

Tracting, Trams, and Tender Mercies!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello, everyone! :) I sure do love you!

This week was chalked full of miracles! Do I say that every week? ;) hahaha. But, I'm just being honest! It's amazing how many miracles the Lord gives us every day. I have this little notebook, and at the end of each day I take time to write down a few miracles and memories from the day. It's amazing to me that no matter how uneventful a day may seem, whenever I sit down to write in that little notebook, I always have SO much to say! The Lord is so good to me. :) 

Well, I have a cool story for you all this week! It was amazing! So, last night Siostra Carlson and I sat down and looked at a map of Łódż. We had been tracting in a certain area, and we both felt that there was somewhere else we needed to be, but we didn't have the slightest idea where that was. So, we looked at this giant map of Łódż, and asked the Lord where he wanted us to be. Siostra Carlson got up, and pointed to a little area that we had passed a few days before just in passing, and it was amazing! We both just looked at each other, nodded our heads, smiled, and that was that! Off we went! But, it gets better. :) My entire mission, I have had a conversation with someone I tracted into a total of twice, and those have been absolute miracles! Sometimes people just don't want to listen, and all we can do is keep trying. But last night, Siostra Carlson and I talked to a total of 5 different people for at least 30 minutes each! It was incredible!! Each time we would leave someone's house, we would look at each other and say, "What is going on?!" hahaha! Then, we'd look at our watches and say, "Well, let's keep going! :)" and just when we thought it couldn't get better, someone else would let us in :) My heart was seriously so full last night as we talked to all those people! Michał, Piotr, Monika, Tomasz, Sławek... They were the most amazing people! And two of them even told us they wanted to keep meeting with us, and to come back next week! It was a miracle day! Even just typing this I am smiling so big! :) Sometimes I can only imagine how much the Lord delights to give us these miracles. I love Him SO much. It is hard to not love someone who shows you SO MUCH love, you know? So, there's my little miracle story from last night :) I could not stop thanking my Heavenly Father for all that happened that night! It was just miracle after miracle! 

This week we also had another little miracle! So, last Sunday, Siostra Carlson and I had traveled around Łódż trying to find some of the homes of our members to invite them to a fireside our branch had with Prezydent and Siostra Turek (that was AMAZING!!)! While we were on a tram, we saw a man helping this cute little grandma get  on to the tram and find a seat :) It was so Christlike, and it made us smile! We kept making eye contact with him and smiling, laughing at this cute little grandma trying to give him money saying "Just buy yourself a sandwich!!" hahaha! But anyway, fast forward a few days later, and we were walking through this beautiful park by our home and all the sudden we heard this, "Hey! You guys are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!" Our first thought was, "What?! They didn't even call us Mormons!" haha! But we turned around, and there he was! The man from the tram! We ended up having a wonderful conversation with him, and he told us he was so interested in our message, and wanted to meet again! So, long story is short, we met with him on Saturday, and he also came to church yesterday!! It was a miracle!! The Elder's will be teaching him from now on, but it was definitely a little tender mercy. 

Tender mercies are everywhere! :)
I don't have much else to tell this week, so I will let you all go! But, before I do I just have to say - this gospel is true. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the same gospel He taught when He lived on the Earth. I am SO lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to share that with others everyday. The Lord loves the people of Poland so much, and I am count myself blessed every single day to be here with them. :) 

I hope you all have an amazing week!! 
Kocham was bardzo! 

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

 Siostra Carlson snapped this because... I got 5 bloody noses in one day. It needed to be documented. haha. 

We made our cutest doorman ever a cupcake for his birthday! :) (He said it was verrrrrrrry sweet!) Polish people don't like "sweet tasting" things as much as us americans :) But he LOVED it. haha!

 Funfetti cupcakes!! Thank you, mom!! :)

Agnieszka tried a cupcake too! She also said it was way too sweet ;) But also loved it :)

 The mystery nuggets...

 Siostra Carlson packing... NO! :(

 Our cute new friend Tomasz from tracting, and his clocks! He has a million!

Tracting selfie, because it was the best day ever! :)

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