Tuesday, August 2, 2016

God will always be a God of miracles.

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all had an amazing week! :) Happy August!!! As I sit here trying to think out what experience to share with you all from this week (because I have a million!) my heart is seriously filled to the brim with Gratitude. I wish it was possible to tell you all how grateful I am for my Saviour Jesus Christ. How grateful I am every day for the opportunity He gives me to try again. To have a second, and a third, and a fourth change to be better than I was yesterday. How grateful I am that every day I get to wear His name on my chest, and say His name in every person's ear I talk to. I've truly learned since being here that this is not my mission. This is His mission, He just so willingly let me be a part of it. I've done a lot of thinking this past week about the time I have been given here, and all I can say is that I am SO grateful, and I am SO blessed. :)

Well, so many miracles happend this week that it would be impossible to tell them all! I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to share because I just want to share them all! But, that's okay! 

One of the biggest miracles for me this week was the opportunity I had to travel to Warsaw and go on exchanges with Siostra Barney and Siostra Dekker (my sister's from my MTC group!). It was amazing! While I was there, I was able to have a lesson with Sister Dekker, and one of her investigators named Michał. It was so incredible. Siostra Dekker had tried to tell me how amazing Michał was before our lesson, but really all she could say was, "You'll see. You'll see." And oh my word, I did. He is one of the most amazing people I've ever met! A few months ago, he was a devoute Atheist. He said he believed in aliens more than he believed in a God. But now... When I sat in that lesson and listened to him describe (in vivid detail) the part of the BOok of Mormon he was reading, I never would have guessed that he did not believe in a God. He explained how much it stood out to him as he read, that no matter what signs they had been given before, Laman and Lemuel always needed another sign from God to reassure them. One of my favourite things he said, was "You know, I read this and I think, 'Wow, Laman and Lemuel were so horrible. They demanded a sign from God to put their doubts to rest every time, even after God had given them plenty of signs before. But,... then I take a step back and I realize how many times I have done the same thing... In fact, I've even said that to you more than once or twice. "Where is the proof?"... and it's very humbling for me."
That hit me so much. It made me think about a quote that I had heard from my friend Elder Bronson, "Miracles do not produce faith. Faith produces miracles." I think that simple truth can be seen so clearly in the story of Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel. Like Michał, I thought about all the times I have asked God to show me a sign. Whether that be that He was really there, that He really loved me, that I was where I needed to be doing what I need to be doing, that my efforts were not in vain... the list can go on forever. And Michał was right, it is a very humbling experience to realize how many times I had been like Laman and Lemuel. I know if I lack wisdom, and ask of the Lord in faith, that He will give me exactly what I need - and I can testify of that from experience. :) But I thought a lot about that this week. What does faith really mean? Faith does not come from something big. A grand experience or sign from God... Faith is a choice. It comes from little things. I thought a lot about that, and I realized how often God has given me an answer, and how quickly I often have forgotten it. "How quick we are to forget." But, as I was studying this week, I found quite possible one of my favourite scriptures of all time.

In the margin, I wrote: "For when you forget..." next to the scripture that reads...

22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things. 23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God? 

I love that so much. So, this week, it is a personal goal of mine to not be so forgetful of all the Lord has given me. He gives me miracles every single day - and I have truly seen that. The more I open my eyes, the more I see. :) 

Well, a million more miracles happened this week... exchanges in Warsaw, being led by the spirit to the exact place we needed to be to meet a man who truly need our message, getting to speak in Danish with a man I met from Denmark (and the fact that I could still remember some Danish!! Miracle.), long talks with members, spiritual talks with Tadeusz, our new friends Julia and Ola, zone conference... There were so many miracles this week, and I don't have time to tell them all! 

But, I can testify to you all that God is a God of miracles. He was a God of miracles "yesterday", when He caused to Red Sea to part at Moses's command. He is a God of miracles "today", when He appeared to a young boy in a grove of trees and answered his prayer, and every day now - when He answers mine. And He will be a God of miracles forever. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! 
Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

Here's to the next 9 months :)

Siostra Carlson ate all her candy, before we even left the store! I love her so much. :)

The Elder's made us Caramel Cake! Side note: It's to die for.


I love these two!! (And Elder Berlin - but... He was in the bathroom! haha)

I served with Elder Alvarez in Katowice, and his mom (who is from Poland originally) came and visited my branch on Sunday! :) Cutest woman in the world.

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