Monday, August 22, 2016

Miracle of the many Monika's! :)

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow!! It feels like it has been years but hours since I last emailed you all! So many AMAZING things happened this week, so I'll just hop right to it! :)

First of all - MY BABY! :) 
As our Branch President's wife said yesterday, "She's as green as a freshly picked head of cabbage!" hahaha. 
SIOSTRA VAN WOERKOM!!! Oh my, she is the cutest person in the whole world. :) She is from California, has the most invredible singing voice I've ever heard, and is the biggest fan of watermelon, mac and cheese, and broadway! :) She is so happy all the time, and is just so excited to work hard and serve the Lord, and I am SO grateful for that. :D When I found out I would be training this transfer - I prayed SO much for my trainee, and I just loved her so much before I even found out who she was! But now that I have met her, and served with her for a little bit - I can honestly say that the Lord blessed me with the PERFECT companion. I am SO excited to serve with her. :) She is bringing miracles with her - it is amazing! :)

So, this week we had a very oddly recurring theme... MONIKA! 
But oh, not just one Monika, not even just 2 Monika's... 5 MONIKA'S! hahaha. Okay, story time! :)

The first two Monika's I met and talked to while I was in Warsaw, and they were super amazing! But I had no idea that the name "Monika" would become a regular occurence later that week! haha! 
So, Monika #1- It was the day after I had picked up Siostra Van from Warsaw! We were back home in Łódż, and we were heading to buy her a monthly tram pass :) We got to the city building (which was a miracle in and of itself because I had NO idea where I was going! haha!) and just as we were walking in, a woman was walking out. We smiled at each other, and she kept walking away, and I kid you not, I heard a voice in my head say, "Go talk to her." It seriously scared me, because I thought someone behind us had just randomly said that! But I turned around, no one was there, and the woman was already quite a ways away. I struggled for a few seconds with the classic, "Oh man, but she's already so far away, I'd have to run after her, and I don't want to give her the 'Mormons are crazy and chase you down!' kind of impression." hahaha, but then, I just looked at Siostra Van and took off and yelled, "We have to talk to her!" I think she probably thought, "Oh no. My companion is crazy...." hahaha! But nonetheless, we ran after her - and long story's short, we talked with her and she couldn't stop telling us how grateful she was that we had ran her down, and that she REALLY wanted to meet with us! She gave us her phone number, and we parted ways with a quick "See you soon" - and guess what? We are meeting with her!!! :D She is the cutest lady in the world!! I've never had an experience like that in my life. The prompting of the Spirit was so clear, and so distinct, and it was just such a miracle! I'm telling you all, Siostra Van brought miracles with her here to Łódż! :)

Monika #2- Siostra Van and I had planned to go walking around the city to talk to people one night, and we had prayed and decided that we wanted to go around this place my companions and I last transfer had only been once before. The problem was, I wasn't really sure how to get to the exact place I wanted to go. I knew the area, but... Not exactly the location. So, we got on a tram, and I just prayed and asked Heavenly Father to please tell me when we had to get off. We were going, and we got to the stop that I thought we should get off at, but when I tried to get off, it just didn't seem right. So, I thought, "Well, we'll just take it one more stop, then we can work our way back". But, the Lord had something a little different in mind. :) We got off at the next stop, but instead of working our way back, I just got this feeling we should go a way I hadn't gone before. Seriously, the spirit I have felt guiding me this transfer already is something I have never experienced... It is AMAZING!!! :O Anyway, sidenote. haha - I'm just so in awe! :) But anyway, we went the way the spirit directed, and a little ways in the distance we saw a woman. I turned to Sister Van and said, "Alright, do you want to try? :)" She looked at me, took a deep breath, and just nodded! (I was so proud!!) Then, she stopped the lady, and did such a good job introducing who we were!! I was in awe :) Then, we ended up talking to her about the restoration, and the whole time we were talking she just kept looking at us like, "What in the world..." haha! But she told us this, that she had just BARELY gone to the church to pray, and had felt so wrong there... She felt like something wasn't right, and had been thinking about it all the way home, and then here we were... It was INCREDIBLE listening to her talk about it... I can't even tell you! :) AMAZING. So, we ended up exchanging numbers with her, and we will be meeting with her later this week! :) I can't believe it!! And guess what her name was?... ;)

Monika #3 - This was a little miracle for Siostra Van! We were sitting at the tram stop, waiting to go home from the area we had just found Monika #2 in, and a young girl came and sat by us. Siostra Van turned to her and asked if she spoke english, and the girl said, "YES!" :) And they seriously talked until the tram came! It was such a little miracle for her, and she ended up inviting Monika to our english class. As she gave her the card with our information, Monika's face LIT UP. Her tram came just as she did, but she thanked Sister Van, and skipped off jumping up and down and saying, "I'M GOING TO GO TO THIS!" :) It was so cute!!! 

Oh man, so many other miracles happened - but I'll just leave it at the for now! I'm so grateful for all the miracles that we say, and for everything we were able to do :) I LOVE Siostra Van Woerkom, and I am just so grateful that the Lord sent her here to Łódż. She is going to be such a light to this city - she already is! 

Well, I have to sign off, but thank you all for your love and support, it means the world!
I love you all so much!!

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

Happy Birthday, Elder Dooley!! :)

Leaving the apartment for the last time with my lovely Sister Carlson!! :(

The best 2 train buddies I could've asked for! :)

Saying "see you soon" to one of my BEST friends. I love you, Siostra Carlson!!

Getting ready to go pick up our new companions!!! :) (We were a little excited!)

Siostra Dekker and I got Milka Bars to welcome our babies into the wonderful world of heavenly chocolate! ;)

Welcome to Łódż, Sister Van Woerkom!! :)

Sio. Van's first time at Manekin!! I love seeing all her "first's"! :)

Her first Polish Żurek!! :)

Comps in the rain :)

My lovely friends Elwira and Marcin, and their little baby Gabi came to visit me in Łódż from Bydgoszcz!!! :) Oh, I seriously love them SO MUCH. I've made forever friends here.

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