Monday, November 7, 2016

We are made of the things of eternity...

Dear Family and Friends,  

Cześć, wam!! :) 

Oh man, I have so much to tell you all - and just no time to do it! 

This week was amazing! I fell in love with Poland even more this week (I know... I didn't think it was possible either...) as we were able to celebrate "All Saints Day" and "The Day of the Dead" with the wonderful people here. I got a new little taste of the Polish culture, their history, their traditions... It was amazing to be able to serve them this week in a day that they hold so dear to them! Serving them on their cmentaries, helping them clean the graves and light their candles that go on for miles and miles, getting to know them and their stories... My testimony of the wonderful plan our Heavenly Father has for us - the Plan of Salvation - was strengthened so much as we were able to look into the eyes of these wonderful people who we love, and tell them with 100% certainty that they will see their loved ones again. I will never be able to describe to you all those moments that I had... Sometimes I wonder why my Father in Heaven sent me here to Poland, out of anywhere in the world I could have gone... And maybe that is a question to which I will never know the answer. But, it's in those little every day moments like that, that I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Him, for letting me come here. I will never be able to thank Him enough for letting Poland -these people, this culture, this history, this country, just everything - become a piece of me. It is an experience that somehow I can never find the words to describe, but one that will be written on my heart forever. 

How wonderful is the Plan of our God.

"We are made of the things of eternity... Endings are not our destiny."
-President Deiter F. Uchtdorf

I don't have much time for anything else today, but I hope you all know how much I love you! Thank you all for all you do for me. I am the luckiest missionary in the world! 

Have a wonderful week!! 
Kocham was z całego serca! 
Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

We made J some Taco Soup, and he loved it! "AMERICAN FOOD! WHOA!!" haha :)

Celebrating Halloween - Carving... things.

Year Mark!

Year Mark with my MTC Siostry!! Warsaw Oct 28th! ​

Elder Dickson with his carved... something! He's a doll!

Saw my favourite Sister D!!!!! Our typical MTC comp selfie. :) I love her so much!

My two favourite people in one photo. Elder Einfeldt and Sister D! Love them!

The masterpieces!! 

In Mama Kamp's email:

This week was the holiday "All Saints Day" and "Day of the Dead" which are SUCH big holidays here. It was wonderful to be able to spend the day serving on the cmentaries helping others clean the graves and set up all the MILLIONS of lanterns :) I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with Poland, but the more I learn about these people, their traditions, their culture, their history... I just love this place SO much, mom... I can't even describe it. T invited us missionaries to come with him to the cementary where his family is buried, and he told us so much about the tradition of all saints day, the history, so many stories, and so much more. And we were able to serve him, so it was an incredible day. I loved it. 
We also met with T this week, with Elder Reid and Elder Dickson! It was an amazing lesson :) Prezydent asked us missionaries to only teach people of the same gender, and that was really hard for me to hear because I just love T so much... I've taught him for 5 months now! But... I prayed about it, and I agreed with Prezydent - that's what we needed to do. So, us and the Elder's met with him, and from now on T will be meeting with them. :) It was hard, but I know as long as we are obedient we will be blessed so much. 
(pictures from Siostra Barney)

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