Thursday, September 1, 2016

"A jeszcze 10!"

Dear Family and Friends, 

Cześć, wam! I hope you all had a wonderful week! 

I realize last week my email was incredibly long (I could just talk about all of my experiences, and how much I love the Lord and this gospel FOREVER!!), but I will try to keep this one a little shorter. :) 

This week was so wonderful! The Lord gave us so many miracles! He is so good to us, truly. We spent a lot of time on the streets this week, talking to everyone who would listen, and it was amazing!! :) Siostra Van and I's new saying is, "Rozmawiamy z wszystkimi... a jeszcze 10!" which means, "We talk with everyone... and then 10 more!" :) It is amazing the miracles the Lord has given us when we have that attitude! Even just last night we were walking home, and we were about 10 yards from the door, when we saw a man coming toward us. So, we looked at each other, about to walk in the building, and said at the same time, "A jeszcze 10!" hahaha. AND, He was AMAZING! We talked to him for so long (as long as our curfew would allow!), and hopefully will be meeting with him this coming Wednesday!! :) Miracles! I just have to say that I love my companion so much! When she came here, she brought with her a new sense of excitement for this work, and it is just so contagious!! Everyone we pass on the street is greeted with her warm little "Dzień dobry!" and a big smile, and they just can't help but smile back at her. :) I love it! I am so grateful to the Lord for letting me serve with her. 

We met so many wonderful people this week! I've been in awe of the people the Lord put in our path! Something that seemed to come up repeatedly to me this week, whether it be in conversations with others, my personal studies, a short visit to my favourite Janina in a little hospital room, a little note from an investigator, or anything else - is hope. My eyes have been opened so much this past week to the hope that comes from this gospel. There is a hope in this that is so hard to put into words, but so easy to see.. The hope God has for us, and the hope we have because of Him, is so obvious to me every day. I see the hope that develops in someone the first time they open up the Book of Mormon, and find an answer to their questions, or the hope that comes from that first prayer they offer. The hope of a better tomorrow, and the hope for second chances. Hope is such an incredible thing, and I have no doubt there is a reason it is listed in the Preach My Gospel book as a Christlike Attribute. This gospel, His gospel, is hope. And how wonderful it is to know - that hope is only the first step into an eternity of joy and blessings. This gospel is so much more than a simple "I wish" statement. 

I found a scripture this week during my studies, and I have absolutely fallen in love with it, so... I think I will end with this. :) 

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is it you." (1 Peter 3:15)

After reading that, it became the goal of my week, and even the rest of my life. :) To sanctify the Lord in my heart, and to always be ready to bear my testimony of Him to anyone that desires to know of the hope that is in me. Surely every bit of the hope I have, is because of him. :)

Well, I love you all so much, and am so grateful for you all in my life. I can't tell you that enough!!
The Lord loves you so much, and so do I! I hope you have an amazing week!!

Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

Siostra Van's first Kebab! I love being able to see all her "first"'s! :)

Waiting for the train to go to Zone training in Warsaw! :)

The goofballs. Our Elder's definitely keep us laughing!

Service on the działka! 

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