Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More of the boat, and more of the miracles!

Dear Family and friends,

Coming to you live from....

"THE BOAT"!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Transfer calls came and went, and I am the happiest missionary in the world!! I am still here in Łódź, my home away from home, with my wonderful companion Sister Van Woerkom!! :) There is no way to even tell you all how grateful I am to still be here in this city that I have fallen in love with, and to be able to spend this holiday season with the lovely Sister Van!!! I could not feel more blessed. The Lord is SO good to me!

We've had our fair share of miracles this week, just like every other! But, there is one in particular that I have been looking forward to sharing with you all week! :)

Well, travel back in time to about... 4 months ago! I was serving here in Łódź with the lovely Sister Carlson and Sister Gheen! :) We were tracting one night, when we got let in to this random apartment building! We started from the top, and worked our way to the bottom. Everyone we talked to shut the door in our faces, but... It was one of those times that you can't help but know there is something wonderful waiting! :) You love these people so much, and now matter what life throws at you, you just keep going! So, we got down to the bottom floor, and knocked all of the doors - nothing. Then, the last door... (I know! It sounds like President Uchtdorf's talk from this past conference!!) We knocked, and it seemed like no one was home. But ever so slightly I heard the little crack of someone lifting up the flap to look out the peep hole. :) Sister Gheen and I looked at each other smiling and excited - but no one opened the door. So, we decided to come back another day, and with that we started to walk out. But it was the craziest feeling, and I know my companions felt it too, but I couldn't help but feel like someone was watching us! So, I turned back to look at the door, smiled, and then kept walking. Then all the sudden, the door opened, and we heard a woman asking us who we were... OUR HEARTS! They were beating so hard! :) We ended up talking with her for a few minutes, but she didn't have much time because her little baby was going to sleep! Her name was Edyta, and she was our miracle that night. :)

Now, fast forward to about 2 weeks ago... Sister Van and I had decided that we needed to go see her again! The last time I had been there was with Sisters Carlson and Gheen, and it was about time we went back to her!! So, we set aside a time to go see her, and long story's short - she was SO HAPPY to see us!!! :) She welcomed us right in, and was just so sweet! It was the most wonderful meeting! We were able to tell her more about what we believe, who we are, and find out more about her and her family! After all was said and done, she told us to come back soon, and that she would be waiting! :)
Well, Sister Van Woerkom and I went back this past week again, and the biggest miracle happened! We rang her domophone, and a man's voice answered with a simple, "Tak?" ("Yes?") As soon as Sister Van and I heard his voice, we both looked at each other with big eyes and the biggest smiles! Her husband!! :) Their whole family was home!! As soon as he heard who we were, he buzzed us right in and welcomed us into his home. That in and of itself was such a miracle!! I couldn't believe it. Then, the next thing I know, we were all sitting around the dinner table eating blueberry cheesecake, laughing, and getting to know them more :) That was just the beginning though! Łukasz told us that Edyta had told him all about us, and that he had been eagerly waiting for us to come back and visit so he could talk with us about our beliefs! He asked about our church, and before I knew it we were talking with him and Edyta about the Restoration. :) I wish you all could have been there to see the way they looked at us as we talked, and how closely they listened to every word we said. It was the most incredible experience... When we finished talking about the prophet Joseph Smith, Łukasz just looked at us and said, "What next?? I am listening to the very end!" My heart was SO FULL, sitting there in that home, being able to talk to this sweet couple, holding hands as they listened to every word we said. The whole time we were there, I could not help but think - the Lord loves this little family SO much. :)

It was such a miracle, I can't even find the words to tell you all! I feel like my emails never do these experiences I have justice... But, I hope if nothing else - that you all know how much I love this work. How much I love the Lord, and this gospel, and our Saviour Jesus Christ. This is everything to me, and being able to meet people like Edyta and Łukasz everyday and share the joy of this gospel with them... There is nothing better in the world. :)

I have so much more to tell you all, but I better get going! I hope you all have an amazing week!! Do something to brighten someone's day today :) No matter how small!

I love you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Z miłością,
Siostra Kamp

Random splash from the past, because my lovely Sister Craig is on a plane right now back to Canada, and I already miss her! Good luck with everything, my dear! The Lord has SO MUCH in store for you :)

Our lovely friend Tadeusz! 

Our english class!! I love these people SO MUCH! :) 

When you get your transfer call and YOU GET TO STAY TOGETHER!!!!! :D

A giant telephone? Guess who gets to start making phone calls (in Polish) this week??? ;)

Culture night with the Elder's! Museums and Polish dinner! 

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